I.         Purpose - Officer of The Year Award

To annually recognize exemplary service or actions of court employees and to provide guidelines for their selection.

II.         Policy

A.        Eligibility

Full-Time and Permanent Part-Time employees of any Ohio Court are eligible for the "Court Officer of the Year Award"

Members of the Board of Directors of the Association are not eligible to be nominated for the "Court Officer of the Year Award".

 B. Nomination and selection Process and Procedures

Nominations- Any full time or permanent part-time Judge, Bailiff, Deputy Bailiff, Court Administrator, Clerk or any other court officer, may submit a nomination form recommending an employee for their district "Court Officer of the Year Award".

Nomination forms will be sent to all members and non-members of the association and may reprint for distribution to all court employees qualified to nominate an employee for this award. 

III. Selection:

Selection- nominees for the district Court of the Year award will be reviewed by the regional director and representatives will select a district winner using the criteria established by this directive. This district winner will then be eligible for consideration for the state level "Court Officer of the Year Award".

 A. Selection Criteria:

  • Technical Knowledge and Ability
  • Prioritizes work and manages multiple tasks.
  • Accurate and thorough in work assignments.
  • Cooperates with peers and superiors.
  • Uses sound judgment and assertiveness to effectively comprehend and perform tasks required under routine and emergency situations.
  • Improves job efficiency through self- study and/or available training.
  • Communicates clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Projects a positive public relations image by handling telephone calls,  public contacts, and routine media contacts in a businesslike courteous manner.

B. Positive Mental Attitude

  • Cooperative, dependable, and readily adapts to change.
  • Works well with little supervision.
  • Self motivated and gives extra effort.
  • Positive work attitude, alert to the needs of the court, other employees, and those using the court facility.
  • Prompt and courteous response to the needs of other employees and the public.
  • Works well as a team member and helps to maintain morale.

C. Personal Attributes

  • Presents a neat professional appearance.
  • Loyal to the court and fellow employees.
  • Takes the initiative to go the "extra mile.
  • Keeps Judge and supervisors informed.
  • Maintains positive voice inflections during stressful situations.
  • Self-reliant

IV. Award Recognition:

  • District Awards
  • Certificate from the Association.
  • Recognition in the local media.
  • One year membership in the Ohio Bailiffs and Court Officers Association.
  • Consideration for the "State Court Officer of the Year Award".
  • Attendance of the district winner and spouse at the annual meeting of the Association's Fall Conference and Banquet Dinner held each year in the second week of September where the State Award will be presented in Columbus, Ohio.

A. State Award

  • Plaque
  • Certificate from the Association
  • One year membership in the Ohio Bailiffs and Court Officers Association.
  • Attendance at an in-state training program at the expense of the Association up to $200.00 dollars